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I got myself the Torchwood soundtrack yesterday afternoon and have been listening to it pretty much nonstop whenever I'm on my computer since then.  Hence more Barrowman-y goodness. Obviously. *Ahem*.

Clicky click click for bigness.

Feel free to snag for your desktop and to comment, of course ;)

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Maria is OVER! *SOB* What will I do without my weekly dose of The Barrowman telling off the other judges? I guess I will make wallpapers.

Here are two I've done recently. The first one is Ianto Jones from Torchwood, as played by the  charming and talented Gareth David-Lloyd. The second is John Barrowman, sort of a colour companion piece to the B&W one I did, which you can find by scrolling down the recent entries.

Clicky click click for full size.

Ianto Jones:

John Barrowman:

Feel free to snag for your desktop. Comments appreciated.
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In honour of the season finale of Doctor Who (which, btw, the wait for part two is destroying my soul) and the CBC's How To Solve A Problem Like Maria (admitting to watching a reality show is also destroying my soul) : The beautiful and multi-talented John Barrowman. Anyone who can make me watch a reality show by being onscreen for maybe five minutes out of an hour has charisma beyond the ability of human science to measure it. Maybe he really does have 51st century pheromones.

You know the way this works. Click away at the thing to make it big.

Feel free to snag the awesome prettiness of The Barrowman for your desktop. Comments appreciated.
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... since I finished watching Season Two. I like that British TV does 9-13 episode seasons because ideas tend to get stale much less quickly... but the downside is you only have 9-13 episodes to watch until you have to WAIT for more new ones again. Wait until who-knows-when, in fact, because the Beeb doesn't announce things like if they're going ahead with another season until it's practically time to film it. Luckily, Doctor Who is only half way through its season, so I still have my Whoniverse fix (David Tennant as The Doctor is still my fav!) and I'll even get some Captain Jack goodness when John Barrowman returns for the season finale. I think that's confirmed and not a rumour anymore. I don't know. I find I enjoy the shows more if I stay a little bit out of the loop :P And yes, I know that Torchwood is cheese, but it's yummy cheese like cheddar or gouda or that cheese-like-substance they put on Kraft dinner and cheezies.

Since I have no more new Torchwood to watch right now, I have made Torchwood wallpapers celebrating my favourite relationship in the show: Jack and Ianto! They're way too adorable together. I hope the writers don't feel the need for them to break up next season for dramatic shit. They have a rift through time and space to get dramatic shit from. I'd like to see this relationship develop more next year, not less - especially since it's mostly been on the sidelines or in the background so far. They're too cute for that, dammit! </rant>

Click and click for full size.

One in Widescreen.

One in Not!Widescreen.

Comments and snagging for your desktop are welcome!
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I managed to find some Sleeper Cell caps recently, while surfing the Enchanted Visions gallery. So I've done a couple of Farik wallpapers. It was hard to decide what to do for them. Oded's performance was AMAZING, but Farik was friggin' TERRIFYING.

Here they are - click on them for full size.

The caps (as noted above) are from Enchanted Visions. The quote is from Serenity. Feel free to snag. Comments appreciated.
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I've done another Ardeth Bey wallpaper. I just really liked this facial expression out of context. It looks so moody and thoughtful.


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So I had a little creative spurt today. The result: four new wallpapers in four different areas of interest :)


Carlos/Alice (Resident Evil: Extinction)

Rick Mercer (The Mercer Report)

Wolverine (The X-Men Movieverse)

Charlie and Don Eppes (Numb3rs)

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 My latest Carlos/Alice creation. Yes, I'm a little obsessed with this 'ship. What's wrong with that? It's even canon and everything! :D


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I was watching my DVD of Our Lady Peace Live and decided to take some screen captures of Raine Maida performing (mostly because I think his hairstyle here is extremely flattering) so I could make a lovely collage for my desktop. Here is the result:


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What can I say? I saw Resident Evil: Extinction, and from The Mummy all the way to Res Evil 3 - he's still the hottest thing fighting the undead.

So I made a wallpaper of Oded as Ardeth Bey - mostly because, although I love Carlos Olivera, his character's arc and resolution made me much happier in the "Mummy" films. That's all I'm going to say, lest I spoil anyone.


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I made another Magnificent Seven wallpaper tonight and thought I would share.

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 Still in an Oded-y kind of mood (finally saw the theatrical trailer for Resident Evil: Extinction) I made another Oded-based wallpaper. This one is Carlos and Alice. They have MAD chemistry, I hope we see more of it in the third movie. (The promo pictures seem to suggest that we will - *happy dance*)

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Well, the hecticness of the wedding is over and my Mexican suntan is starting to fade. I've done a wallpaper for the Magnificent Seven, based on the episode "Serpents". It contains spoilers for that episode, so beware!
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Inspired by the ending of the Doctor Who episode Family Of Blood, I've made a wallpaper about the fury of the Time Lord.

Find the Time Lord's fury behind the cut )
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I've finally decided to jump on that LiveJournal bandwagon so I can be a more active participant in my fandoms. That being said, I've created a wallpaper of The Doctor inspired by a quote from the episode "Army of Ghosts".

View It Here )
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