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Title: Infiltrator - Part Twelve.
Author: [ profile] magicom
Rating: Maybe PG at the worst.
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of its characters. No money being made.
Pairing/Characters: Jack, Ianto, (Jack/Ianto), Gwen, Doctor Rupesh Patanjali, Johnson.
Spoilers: Takes into consideration all of S1, S2 and Day One of CoE.
Summary: As a whole: He's a doctor... they need a doctor. What if the 456 fuckery didn't happen and Torchwood actually did recruit Rupesh, who was trying to get the gig to spy on them for Johnson, as discussed in Day One? This part: Musings on consequences.
Warnings: None to speak of.
Notes: Takes place starting just before and during CoE: Day One and goes AU from there onwards.


Rupesh walked into the Hub the next morning practically holding his breath until he saw Jones at his workstation, looking just as crisp and efficient as usual.

The man who ran the archives was Harkness’ lover. Why had he told her? Because he wanted to not wash up dead on the shores of the Bay, thank you. And, if he allowed himself to admit it: he wanted to stay at Torchwood. If he wasn’t able to give her something – if he wasn’t of use - the mission would be over and he would be disposed of. And Captain Harkness and the others would still be in danger, because she’d just find someone else. She was so impatient in some ways and ever so patient in others.

If he had, by way of the information he’d divulged, given her Ianto Jones as a target, however, he hoped she killed him and threw him in the Bay before Harkness found out he was involved. He doubted the captain would gift him such a kindness as a cold and quick death.

“Morning,” he all but mumbled in Jones’ direction as he sat at his computer and logged in.

Jones almost immediately placed a cup of tea on Rupesh’s desk and continued briskly on his way.

Rupesh started moments later when Gwen brightly said “Good morning!” from behind him. He barely caught his tea before he knocked it over.

“Bit jumpy this morning,” Gwen said with some amusement.

“Sorry,” Rupesh said, running a hand through his hair. “Sorry. I didn’t sleep well last night.”

Gwen looked at him sympathetically. “Still feeling that case from last week?” she asked.

The aliens he’d gotten killed. She knew he’d taken it hard, though she didn’t know exactly why.

“I guess,” he conceded, though it was more about the person or people he may yet get killed, rather than the ones he already had.

He couldn’t tell her that. He certainly couldn’t tell her when she was looking at him like that. God, there were days when he hated himself so much for lying to her. To her more than the others, because she acted like she cared about him and he was pretty sure it was genuine, in so much as she cared about everyone.

“I’ll be fine,” he told her. “A cuppa or two inside me and I’ll be right as rain.”

She nodded and squeezed his shoulder before heading to her computer.

But Johnson was so impatient in some ways and ever so patient in others.

Rupesh’s phone rang at three in the morning about a week later. It was her.

“We have Jones. You need to be at the base when we contact Harkness. If he wavers, try to convince him to listen to us. You said he trusts you now. Prove it.”

She hung up before he could say anything.

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